30 August 2018

Safety First at TPO

The Civil Defence Department commend TPO on their high standards of safety at TPO.

30th August, 2018, Muscat, Oman: Takatuf Petrofac Oman (TPO) successfully completed its first fire drill evacuating the premises safely and successfully within less than the targeted 2-minute deadline.

The emergency scenario simulated an electrical fire with smoke claiming the hallways as the students were in class studying. The campus was successfully cleared, all persons accounted for and an ‘injured’ worker removed safely from the premises to be treated by the medical staff waiting to respond to any causalities. The Civil Defence Department, in a swift and immediate response, expertly dispatched one fire engine and an ambulance showing complete readiness in the event of a real-life emergency.

“Safety is of paramount importance for all workers involved in the oil and gas industries and we teach our students, and the staff here at TPO, that safety always comes first. An effective fire evacuation procedure is only one of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to this philosophy,” explained Mr Glenn Harding, General Manager at TPO.

Mr Harding continued to explain that, “Preparation is the key to an effective response in any workplace emergency and regular fire drills help prepare employees and students to respond quickly, calmly and safely. We are very pleased with the success of today’s evacuation and thank the Civil Defence Department, for their commitment to making the TPO premises a safe working environment.”

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