17 September 2018

National Training Fund is Welcomed at TPO

The National Training Fund is welcomed by TPO students and TPO management and staff.

17th September, Muscat, Oman: The National Training Fund was welcomed at Takatuf Petrofac Oman, week beginning 17th September 2018, to enhance the overall development of the students that are currently taking classes. The students are being prepared to work in the oil and gas sectors within Oman Oil Company.

All students in Groups 2-6 were welcomed to participate in a 3-day workshop entitled Enmaa, meaning to develop or grow, where they were educated in ways to invest their money, invest their time and invest in their futures.

On the first day, the students were introduced to the concept of ‘Enmaa’ and why learning about our personal growth is of paramount importance, not only to ourselves but to the community as a whole. Day 2 and the students learnt about the importance of investment; investment in themselves and investment in their futures. They were taught how to use ‘Baisa,’ a purposely written savings programme to help new employees understand the importance of investing and taking care of their money. On the final day, the students participated in a workshop entitled ‘Initiative’. They were encouraged in their selected groups to show their own initiative and design a programme where they would give something back to the community as part of a social awareness programme.

Mohammed Al-Shammri, a student with Salalah Methanol Company currently studying at TPO, stated that “It was a pleasure participating in the Enmaa workshop with my colleagues at TPO. We have learnt very valuable lessons over the past 3 days and it has inspired me to pursue my passion to participate in more volunteer work throughout the community. I have also learnt how to save my money in a mature and practical way. It was, as you say in English, an eye-opener!’

Asim Al-Badi, a student with the Oman Gas Company, claimed that “The 3-day workshop with Enmaa was an excellent opportunity for me to learn about a range of different ways that we can help other people in the communities throughout Oman, and this is a very important part of my religious responsibilities. I learnt how to manage my money and the skilled instructors taught me how to invest.”

Enmaa hopes to continue their workshops with future students at TPO after encouraging feedback was received from the students as well as the TPO management.

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